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Bad Pad is a challenging and rewarding 2D platformer with a fantastic soundtrack, a unique personality, and great gameplay mechanics. As a website that covers gaming and Sims 4 mods downloads, we appreciate the game's humor and parody of different genres, which makes it a must-try for enthusiasts. The game's balance of difficulty ensures that the challenge never feels overwhelming, and its polished movement and stellar level design make it a delightful experience worth your time.
Capsule Computers
Must Buy! We don't always have time to review everything, but we've personally played Bad Pad and think it's worth a buy. A great 2D platformer with an awesome soundtrack!
Early Access Gaming
Right from the start, BadPad makes sure I know that it isn't your typical game. A heavy - yet catchy - theme introduced me to the story of a controller's buttons come to life. The bad one, Evil-Pen, has captured the other buttons. It's up to me to save them. BadPad already has all the makings of a good game. A great personality, polished movement, stellar level design, and balanced difficulty all make an appearance.
Reviews Enthusiasts
This comedy game combines all kinds of genres to make a huge parody of it. You will be experiencing a lot of difficulties but in the end you are going to get some satisfaction. Amazing humour.
Da Way Games
If you still don't like platformers it's the perfect way to try it. Bad Pad have all features that you would like, also it has rather cool story-line and nice pixel-art graphics.
So far, it's shaping up to be a really good platformer, if you're a fan of a challenge and like your heavier music do check it out. The more I play, the more surprised I am by it.
Enjoyable gameplay mechanics are very important in a platformer, and they are spot on in the case of Bad Pad. The controls are very polished and responsive, so you have only yourself to blame when things do not go according to plan. The graphics deserve some praise as well, because they truly make you believe you are back in the NES era, especially when it comes to level design. On top of that, the soundtrack is great too, and it helps a lot with the overall atmosphere. All in all, Bad Pad is exactly what it needs to be, and it's great to see an indie production with such high standards in terms of gameplay quality, graphics and level design.
Abyssal Ascent
Bad Pad is amusing, challenging, and entertaining. A Hard Rock soundtrack powers you through the light-hearted story & puzzle-platforming action.
One Angry Gamer
a Rocky Horror Picture Show presentation, with various hard rock songs sprinkled throughout the game to help tell the story and unravel the plot.
Indie Game Reviewer
I have experienced a lot of challenging video games throughout the years, but it has been quite some time until one enraged me as often as Bad Pad has in the most enjoyable and rewarding way
Great puzzles and a great challenge!
Patriot Game
Good classic platformer with various mechanics and intresting storyline.